Charging Infrastructure Innovation Award

Pluon Modular System wins first Belgian Charging Infrastructure Innovation Award.

Belgium is investing in an infrastructure for sustainable mobility. Innovative ideas and start-ups help make this development possible, with all kinds of applications. For the Congres Laadinfra, we were looking for innovations that will boost the charging infrastructure in Belgium.

Three finalists qualified, but Pluon went home with the title. The company is the winner of the first Belgian Charging Infrastructure Innovation Award. The award was presented at the Congres Laadinfra ’24 in Brussels.

The winner was chosen on the basis of the jury’s vote (50%) and online votes in advance and during the Congres Laadinfra ’24 (50%). The jury consisted of Philippe Vangeel (Avere), Romain Denayer (EV Belgium) and Luberto van Buiten (Editorial Board of Congres Laadinfra).

By Pluon

Thanks to the PLUON MODULAR SYSTEM with easily interchangeable head and upgradeable components, uptime is optimal. The charging station comes to the technician in case of failure instead of the technician coming to the charging station. Thus, the customer does not suffer from faulty charging posts and in case of future innovations, the post can be adapted, away from the disposable culture and fully committed to sustainability.